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I teach across the fields of performance studies, communication studies, critical theory, and cultural studies. Please get in touch to view course materials, teaching evaluations, or statement of teaching philosophy.

NOTE: PDFs are accessible by clicking on the images below.


Student Testimony

From anonymous surveys:

“I feel comfortable enough to fail and to ask strange questions” (Advanced Seminar in Theatre and Performance, University of Toronto, 2017)

“I very much like how easy you’ve made it to foster discussion. You let us go on tangents up to a point, which I appreciate. You allow us to stumble as we try to organically form notions and ideas, within reason, at our own pace” (Advanced Seminar in Theatre and Performance, University of Toronto, 2017)

From teaching evaluations:

“The use of cultural artefacts paired with theoretical pieces created thought-provoking convergences of understanding and meaning towards the larger understanding of colonial perception and narratives.” (Settler Colonial Ways of Seeing, McMaster University, 2022)

“The open environment allowed us not only to speak our minds, but refine each others ideas and come t[o] greater conclusions. Matt's mediation of these discussions was invaluable.” (Advanced Seminar in Theatre and Performance, University of Toronto, 2017)

"He captures our attention and uses several different media to ensure we understand the course material and actually interests us. He makes real life current connections to the course material to further our understanding!” (Theatre History I, University of Windsor, 2019)

“Professor Jones was very enthusiastic about Canadian Drama and theatre in general and every week the class was an enjoyable experience. He made the environment very interactive with the way he made us participate in class.” (Canadian Drama, University of Toronto, 2019)

“I liked how anti-colonialist you tried to be, not only focusing on western traditions” (Theatre History I, University of Windsor, 2019)

From unsolicited messages:

"As a racialized person, the inclusion of stories from all over the world made me feel seen. You really went out of your way to make the classroom more inclusive, through a syllabus that was representative of the students you taught. You also approached every class with kindness and compassion, knowing it was a difficult time for everyone." (Modern Drama, University of Toronto, 2021)

“I learnt so much from your course that I cannot imagine myself without this newfound knowledge, understanding, and ability to think critically.” (Settler Colonial Ways of Knowing, McMaster, 2022)

“Your feedback on my first assignment… shows that you are listening and care. That means a lot to me – and I am sure to others too.” (Corporate Communications, Toronto Metropolitan University, 2022)

“I wanted to reach out to say how much I enjoyed the CMN413 class this semester. It was informative, engaging, and gave me insight and new perspectives to concepts such as Issues Management and Crisis Communication.” (Corporate Communications, Toronto Metropolitan University, 2022)

“This class was eye-opening, with so many new perspectives, and I am very grateful for this experience. Thank you for allowing us to be. Although it is a colonial space, you taught the class with openness, no judgment, and fluidity like we were learning from the land.” (Theories of Decolonization and Resistance, McMaster, 2021)

“You probably do not know this but ENG100 with you was my very first class at university. I was super nervous going into it as I had no idea what to expect but your warm welcome and chill vibe made it very enjoyable and took a lot of stress off me, and for that I want to thank you. I will never forget my very first university class as well as the professor who made it so amazing.” (Effective Writing, University of Toronto, 2021)

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