I teach across the fields of performance studies, theatre history, contemporary literature, critical theory, and cultural studies. I also have several years of experience teaching academic writing and presentation skills to international students.


Please get in touch to view my course materials, teaching evaluations, or statement of teaching philosophy.

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Student Testimony

From anonymous surveys:

“I feel comfortable enough to fail and to ask strange questions” (Theatre Theory, UTSC 2017)

“[I appreciate] the variation of topics each week, the diverse set of readings, the fact that classes are held in a seminar-like manner, your friendly approachable demeanor.” (Theatre Theory, UTSC 2017)

“I very much like how easy you’ve made it to foster discussion. You let us go on tangents up to a point, which I appreciate. You allow us to stumble as we try to organically form notions and ideas, within reason, at our own pace” (Theatre Theory, UTSC 2017)

“We talked about the topic with each other as a group of 3 or 4 in the last few weeks. I think it helps me to improve my English and be more brave to speak out. That’s great.” (Critical Writing, UTSC 2019)

From teaching evaluations:

“The open environment allowed us not only to speak our minds, but refine each others ideas and come t[o] greater conclusions. Matt's mediation of these discussions was invaluable.” (Theatre Theory, UTSC 2017)

“Matt was very helpful when I was struggling with my assignment; he patiently went through everything that I didn't understand, and helped me get through my presentation this semester.” (Theatre Theory, UTSC 2017)

“Matt teaches very well, passionate about the topics that we have discussed in class, very good at leading discussion and do listen to our opinions. He is also very helpful when I need extra help from assignment, he gives good advice on how to do them and understand the materials in class.” (Theatre Theory, UTSC 2017)

“The instructor was very engaging and animated in each lecture/class, inviting the students to partake in in-class readings of play excerpts for participation.” (Theatre History, UTSC 2016)

“There was great assistance through email and office hours. When emailing the instructor they were very fast in responding. Most of the responses were within minutes, at the latest it would be a day. The speedy responses through email were very helpful and supportive towards my learning and being able to understand the work. The help during the office hours for clarification and assistance with assignments was very supportive of my learning in the course. The support that was given was very encouraging.” (Theatre History, UTSC 2016)

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