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Special issue of Canadian Theatre Review

Edited by Barry Freeman and Matt Jones

Alternative facts? Fake news? Barry Freeman and Matt Jones sort out how theatre and performance in Canada are reckoning
with renewed cultural interest in how we parse fact from fiction 

Published online: June 30, 2018


Barry FreemanMatt Jones

175, pp. 5–7

Good Fences’s Scripted Truths: Cultivating Dialogue in Post-Real Times

Kelsey Jacobson

175, pp. 8–12

“Nature Exposed to Our Line of Questioning”: Tomorrow’s Child as Quantum Theatre

Derek Gingrich

175, pp. 13–18

Apocalypse Masque: Post-Electric Theatricality in Mr. Burns

Ariel Watson

175, pp. 19–24

Is This Still That? Comedy in the Age of Post-Truth

Matt JonesPeter Oldring

175, pp. 25–28

Petri Dish Deceptions: A Search for 100% Veracity in Rimini Protokoll’s Statistical Portrait of Montreal

Richard C. Windeyer

175, pp. 29–34

Violence, Speech, and Reality: The Case of Cinq Visages pour Camille Brunelle

François Jardon-Gomez

175, pp. 35–40

Mobilizing a Slow Theatre Movement through an Atypique. Artist Perspective

Ash McAskill

175, pp. 41–46

“I Wonder Where They Went”: Post-Reality Multiplicities and Counter-Resurgent Narratives in Thirza Cuthand’s Lessons in Baby Dyke Theory

Lindsay Nixon

175, pp. 47–51

Forced Entertainment? Gamified Surveillance in Theatre Conspiracy’s Foreign Radical

Matt Jones

175, pp. 52–56


Foreign Radical

Tim CarlsonJeremy WallerDavid MesihaKathleen FlahertyMilton LimAryo KhakpourFlorence BarrettCande Andrade

175, pp. 57–70

Online Feature

4'33 in Baghdad

Nicolas Royer-Artuso and Ülfet Sevdi

Pictures and visual editing by Mustafa Hacalaki

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